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A lot of you people must use orkut and must be wondering how to change the default boring orkut theme. Well, your search is over. I have personally made 20 brand new orkut themes that you wont find anywhere else on the net. Everything from NBA to Cricket to Firefox !

I would like to point out though, that these orkut themes will only be shown to yourself when YOU are browsing orkut. So lets get started. First I will list the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to install these orkut themes.

  • Mozilla Firefox Browser (Download it from here)
  • Greasemonkey (Download it from here)

Installation Procedure for these Orkut Themes

Once you have installed mozilla firefox and the greasemonkey addon then all you need to do is install any one of the following orkut themes. Below every theme image is a link to the script for that specific orkut theme. Just click on any one and you will be prompted to install it. Click install and it will be installed in a jiffy! You can then go to browse orkut with your new theme. If you want to change a theme then you will first install the new theme from this page. Then you have to right-click on the little “monkey” face in the status bar below. From there, you will see a list of your installed scripts which will have the different orkut themes. Just uncheck any theme you do not want to use and check any orkut theme that you do want to use. Its just that simple!

Uninstall Procedure for these Orkut Themes

If you want to completely remove any of these orkut themes then right-click the monkey face and click Manage User Scripts. You will see a list of your installed scripts. Just select any script that you want to remove and click the Uninstall button at the bottom. Its just that simple!

Note: Click image to see a higher resolution image of that orkut theme

Orkut Themes

Bleach Orkut Theme

Bleach Orkut Themes

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Christiano Ronaldo Orkut Theme

Christiano Ronaldo Orkut Theme

To download this orkut theme, click here.

David Beckham Orkut Theme

David Beckham Orkut Theme

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Dhoni Orkut Theme

Dhoni Orkut Theme

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Firfox Orkut Theme

Firfox Orkut Theme

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Dragonball Z Orkut Theme

Dragonball Z Orkut Theme

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Halo 3 Orkut Theme

Halo 3 Orkut Theme

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Naruto Orkut Theme

Naruto Orkut Themes

To download this orkut theme, click here.

NBA Orkut Theme

NBA Orkut Themes

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Ronaldinho Orkut Theme

Ronaldinho Orkut Theme

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Sachin Tendulkar Orkut Theme

Sachin Tendulkar Orkut Theme

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Salman Khan Orkut Themes

Salman Khan Orkut Themes

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Shahrukh Khan Orkut Theme

Shahrukh Khan Orkut Themes

To download this orkut theme, click here.

Spiderman Orkut Theme

Spiderman Orkut Themes

To download this orkut theme, click here.
Once again, you will not find these orkut themes anywhere else as I made them myself. If you have a good idea for a theme or you want a specific theme not mentioned above, just post a comment and I will see if I can make one. If you have any questions or suggestions or any type of feedback, you can leave a comment here or contact me. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!



  1. rampantheart says:

    This is super cool!Can’t wait to change the layout of my orkut profile!

  2. Fahad says:

    Am glad your enjoying em!

  3. iqh142 says:

    Thanks4Share ^_^ !

  4. vcnee says:


  5. i am the god says:

    this is assum man!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anshlu says:

    i liked this very much man

  7. Sid says:

    Do you think this ll work mate coz such type are just spamminlinks either requesting u to join any community and once u clicked the link it spams to al ur frens in ur frens list ..this is wat i knw …

  8. Fahad says:

    No dude. This is not spam. This works 100% correctly! I made these themes myself. Just read my instructions on how to install these orkut themes and see for yourself. :)

  9. nikul says:


  10. avi says:

    hi it works
    but only i cn see the theme
    no one else can see it

  11. Fahad says:

    I wrote that in the article.

    “I would like to point out though, that these orkut themes will only be shown to yourself when YOU are browsing orkut.”

  12. Ghouse says:

    Can u help me to create an orkut theme by my own?I have followed al the steps which i referred in sites…I would be very much thankful if u do this kind help for me… Its very urgent matter yaar…Plz help me out…

  13. Fahad says:

    Sure, I will email you the process. It is a very simple one. But I am kinda busy these days, so I will email you within a couple of days. I will email you tomorrow or the day after that. okay?

  14. dinesh says:

    how ican apply this theams to orkut

  15. nishant says:


  16. chika says:

    ya its very simple for dis first install firefox 3 then click on tools>add-ons n find greasemonkey add on n click on any theme u want to install.

  17. bharat says:


  18. pratikparmarp says:

    wow these themes r kool n happening……..

  19. pradeep says:

    dude can u tell me how to create a theme that others also can c……

  20. gkadlag says:

    how to apply the above themes to our orkut account

  21. Fahad says:

    Guys, look above on How to Install Orkut Themes. I have given a good explanation of it.

    Sorry but you cannot currently create an orkut theme that others can see.

    Thanks buddy. I am glad you enjoyed these orkut themes.

  22. vickb4us says:

    how can i apply this theem

  23. sourav mondal says:


  24. xyz says:

    hey this is just awesome i was wondering what to do after i downloaded that greasemonkey and that was when i came across this article u rock

  25. Vinoth says:

    Hi friends how to add the orkut themes in my orkut profile.


  26. parth says:

    the script is not installing , its showing error

  27. mohammed says:

    Hi friends how to add the orkut themes in my orkut profile.

  28. ShAMI HeRO says:

    hey man, this is not working…….are you a hacker?????

  29. ganesh says:

    ya i found wat i have searched

  30. codename84 says:

    can u tell me how to customize these themes?


  31. raj says:

    can u tell me how to customize these themes?


  32. chandra prakash verma says:

    please how we install films stars themes in orkut

  33. hingis says:

    how to download this and how to change this

  34. sandeep says:

    only i’m able to see this theme why?

  35. A J A Y says:

    REALLY cool …… liked it thanks

  36. jumanji says:

    will i get more themes like angelina jolie tollywood themes

  37. karty says:

    ya its very funny

  38. swalin says:

    it is very funtastic theme yar
    i like it very mostly

    are o bhidu such me achi tarh se kam karti he
    plz download this theme n enjoyeeeeeeeeeeeee

    from jaipur

  39. sandy says:

    hey the themes are great.
    i want a bachna ae haseeno theme.
    please make one for me.

  40. raj pandian says:

    lovely themes dude.i appreciate that but i’d love to have an ar rehman theme or a dave batista teme 4 that matter .thank u

  41. Arun says:

    Hi, nice themes i like make my own theme would you to share how to make it

  42. velmurugan says:

    hey buddy how to install this java script file, its showing error messages

  43. JOE JOSEPH says:

    I am electronics and communication engineering student.I would like to get an orkut theme related to PCB.

  44. akshat says:

    sir can you tell me how to create my own theme?

  45. charanjit s says:

    can u make some religious themes , which give good messges to people , sir pls i want a sikh relegious theme , if u can provide i will be very thankful to u , & can u tell how to make own themes.
    thank u

  46. diwakar says:

    thx buddy this theme is awesom i realy like but are my friend can see this theme plz reply……………………….

  47. hey its loading
    it just sake of timepass,or spamming…..

  48. vishwas says:

    can we create our own theme i mean custom themes

  49. anil says:

    hey i appreciate your work… its real cool!!!!. Can u make a theme based on some good car (bugatti, bmw, porsche, ferrari or lamborghini)partly showing the interiors or the engine parts?????

  50. raj says:

    how can i change my themes

  51. nikhil says:

    no man its not workin

  52. inderjeet says:

    Hey man, i need hilary’s theme. can u find it for me

  53. kumaresh says:

    how to upload this themes in my orkut account..

  54. Anas says:

    How could i upload these type of theme on orkut.
    please tell me.

  55. A.V. says:

    Hiii….can u tell me hw to create dese themes plzzzzz……waitin 4 ur rply……

  56. pratheep says:

    its gud bt only works wid firefox and only on the computer u installed the file hence has no use as such

  57. ajay meena says:

    give me a themes

  58. Farhan Mansoor says:

    Hi friends how to add the orkut themes in my orkut profile.

    Plz help me …

  59. jafersathick says:

    use firefox for orkut its a better one and then install the add-on Greasemonkey. after that click the link of your favorite theme , it will installed to orkut


  60. Vibhav says:

    Dude good stuff.. why dont u do something on carz and bikes, u no like doge vipers and harleys! datb gr8 to sport on orkut!

  61. TARIQ says:

    the themes are nice…BUT it can be vieweable by itself only than whats the benefit in that…..the others only see the same skin….which is manually installed that orkut has provided……what so good in that…….useless…seeing itself and enjoying…..what the fun in that….

  62. surjya says:

    how can i install this theme?

  63. surjya says:

    plz tell me how can i install this theme?

  64. Anuj says:

    Hi,dear u do very good work but i cannot instaal ur theme plz do something 4 me.

  65. Anuj says:

    hello yaar woh upper side par nahi lag rahi hain jahaan logout ka option aata hai.kyon aisa kyon?

  66. Sayoni Banerjee says:

    hi i just wanted to knw if i can gwt my own customized theme…

  67. aniket says:

    u mention that there is “monkey face in the status bar below” but where is monkey face?
    on orkut pofile or in mozilla page?

  68. LOVELESS says:


  69. rajesh says:

    its really cool

  70. Drake says:


    but not visible to others

    and not even visible to me when i am not using mozilla browser

  71. mahendra says:


  72. Anhad says:

    hi Fahad! i saw these themes and tried to put it on my orkut page. can u tell me how to put it on my page plz……

  73. Fahad says:

    I have given all the steps on how to install these themes above. Just follow the instructions and you will have it working. :)

  74. plz send me some themes

  75. Adnan says:

    How can i add these themes to my orkut account

  76. andy says:

    i have applied this theme. no i want to know is that will any body be able to see my this theme on my orkut account if any body visits. plz. let me know thnx.

  77. riyaz says:

    Hi, i have change this theme. I can show this theme in my pc but will anybody can see this? thnx for giving such wonderful theme. thanks a lot.

  78. krunal says:

    hi i have dowload the theme but my friend will be able to see that song

  79. madhu says:

    hye I lke ur themes. how can i apply in my orkut profile.

  80. Vishesh Goel says:

    how can i apply the theme in my orkut profile

  81. Nishant Sama says:

    Thankyou so much. I m realy bore from these old themes.

  82. pavan says:

    how to add thes themes to orkut

  83. PAURUSH says:

    hey can I only download themes with Mozilla Firefox.Not in other web browsers??plz inform me in my id i.e.:-golu_paurush@rediffmail.com

  84. abeer says:

    wao i cant believe this its just amazing

  85. Nirmalya says:

    Hey guyz They do work but they r only viewable by the user themselves and not by anyone else means the frndz on orkut

  86. prince says:

    no man its not working. showing some error

  87. HARSH says:

    I want beckham theme.

  88. smruti ranjan says:

    yah i find dis one vry interesting i thank all them who worked 4 it get us dis themes

  89. gopinath says:

    i want spidarman themes

  90. kiran says:

    for me not getting dis theme….
    if any one just enter 2 my profile then on top it will be “get this theme” them i will click on that….plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  91. jamal says:

    fahad bhai i cant get it on my orkut can u explain in detail and semd it to my e mail pleaseeeee!

  92. jamal says:

    thanx faha i got it just tell me if ne 1 can see it on my profile??? i wud like that i wana let ppl c the spider man on ma profile

  93. bramha reddy says:

    thanks for wounderfull themes in orkut

  94. Raj says:

    How can apply these themes to my orcut profile

  95. Priyanka Das says:

    plz tell me how 2 apply des themes????

  96. sarang says:

    i think one should check for certificates
    or terms and condition because if it is not authorized then theme maker can access orkut account without his permission so think once again and then apply it
    and it is visible to pnly us our friend cannot see this theme they also have to download Greasemonkey

  97. ansh chouhan says:

    plz apply salman khan oekut theam

  98. Gadget says:

    Nice themes, but I’ve never use orkut :-D

  99. neo says:

    good job dud

  100. swathy says:

    will my friends able to see my theme when they visit my account

  101. ROHIT says:

    but its work only on m.firefox………..???????

  102. moranguita says:

    eu amo christiano ranaldo

  103. sahil says:

    how to apply these themes

  104. sahil says:

    how can i apply in my orkut profile.

  105. anu says:

    How can set the themes in my orkut

  106. prasanthi says:

    i want genelia d souz a orkut theme ……………
    can i get it ? were can i get it

  107. Naveen says:

    Its awesome dude

  108. ravi says:

    how to apply

  109. eshmeet says:

    ‘m not abl 2 download any of the themes though i h installed greasemonkey & firefox…..
    plz help me out……

  110. hey what should i do after dounloading the themes. tell me the whole process

  111. ravi says:

    i applied spiderman theme it worked but on top it is not updated to spidermen theme still getting the old theme

  112. ravi says:

    cooooooollll its working i am enjoying……………

  113. amit sukhramani says:

    hello i have downloaded 1 theme but i dont kw how to apply on my orkut account some one can help me dear frds

  114. Manas says:

    Hey all you need to do is just right click on the monkey symbol and select your theme such that the theme that you have selected is ticked and then refresh your page
    Thats it!!!!!!!!

  115. David says:

    How could I get dis theme in my orkut profile account……..
    If you didn’t mind please let me know….I’m begging you …..please

  116. David says:

    Dude nothing’s work…..please help me out…

  117. Prabhaharan says:

    hai really its working ya nice thanks for ur post

  118. satya says:

    super amazing
    awesome ……….

  119. shivam says:

    how can i install these theme?plz rply

  120. ishtiaq says:

    how ican apply this theams to orkut

  121. harshal says:

    very nice themes….
    those themes can seen my orkut friend….

  122. maheen says:


  123. anusha says:

    how ican apply this theams to orkut

  124. anusha says:

    could u please tell me hw to apply this to my profile

  125. varun says:

    how ican apply this theams to orkut

  126. naresh says:

    plss tell i installed firefox 3 & greese monkey addons then i click download theme from here its installed show in status box then how to use that skin ????

  127. Anju says:

    It’s cool… thanks

  128. gopika says:

    pls………….i want to knw

  129. Arindam says:

    I Want my friends to c th themes.Hw is it possible?

  130. vivek says:

    is there any theme by which every budy can see the theme

  131. niraj says:

    i wanna knoww dat is these themes r compatible with orkut-beta profile…..

  132. Prahalad says:

    this themes are only visible to user. Friends can view ur profile but they wont get ur themes…..

  133. Rick says:

    nossa isu é muito massa só que, só eu concigo ver, as outras pessoas que visitão o meu orkut não ve!!!

  134. indrajeet says:

    Hi, i read ur intruction and do it but i cann’t change my theme yet please tell me in more detaile. thank you.

  135. anupam says:

    Salman Khan Orkut Themes

  136. sid says:

    its not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. dinesh says:

    i want some anjelina jolie & megan fox themes

  138. sujay says:

    how to install these themes nd put it in my orkut profile?? let me kno d process… reply !!

  139. Rahul says:

    i want the orcut themes of john abrahim like dostana

  140. dave navar says:

    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  141. harsha says:

    how to download?????????

  142. priyan says:

    not working

  143. sunil says:

    hi iam sunil from india
    it is supurb in orkut i was so impressed whith this i will make all of my frnds to use this

  144. Anmol says:

    how to add themes in orkut profile????????????

  145. faz says:

    how can i install this awesome themes??????

  146. hiren soni says:

    plz tell me how can i download a orkut theam…??????
    replyyyyy……. meeeee…….

  147. Murali says:

    i need shreyaGoshal orkut theme

  148. suhas says:

    How to Install Orkut Themes

  149. manoj says:

    how can i apply in my orkut profile.

  150. manoj says:

    How can set the themes in my orkut

  151. manoj says:

    my orkut plish apple tothemes

  152. manoj says:

    my orkut themes to pilsh apple

  153. renju says:

    emran hashmi’s theme pls..

  154. princy says:

    its really interesting to design a new theme 4 our profile………..:)

  155. chandan says:

    came you pls tell how can my friends see the new theme i have uploaded ?? please

  156. safeer says:

    ya i found wat i have searched thakkkkkkkkkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzz

  157. azher says:

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  158. dinesh says:

    Hey i cant put up the theme in ma profile please mail me the way.. i have installed the grease mnonkey also ..but cant change it…..

  159. ATIF REHMAN says:

    Dragonball Z Theme please

  160. ATIF REHMAN says:

    how to apply these theme DRAGONBALL Z

  161. ATIF REHMAN says:


  162. Della Britu says:

    Hi want vijay or vijay thrisha orkut themes..

  163. KApil says:

    hii how to apply these themes plzz tell a simple method plzzzzzzzz

  164. Dijo says:

    WoW…….it is beautiful buddy.thankx

  165. vikas says:

    Hi Friend,
    You r doing a fantastic job…
    It really great.
    Actually i too want to customize my own theme if u r free that plz tell me how to customize an orkut theme….

  166. Sathya says:

    Hi…. You r doing a fabulous job. But I needed A R Rahman’s theme. Can u please help me….?

  167. talal says:

    thats good .. but how i upload this themes on my orkut page….
    tell me how i use that one…?

  168. sriram says:

    hey how to install dhoni theme man
    if i download just a java program is comin
    pls help

  169. gautam says:

    Shall i get a simbu theme?

  170. pali singh says:

    daer how these themes r shown only to me not to whome wiht that i do orkuting

  171. Raman says:

    i just want to know that isn’t it possible to get a full wallpaper on page …as it comes in parts..i mean only 1 full size image on page

  172. rupam says:

    hey i want to how this can be done or you can creat it for me pls that black spider man

  173. rupam says:

    hey………………..i am not geting .how to instal the theme from here its not doing?????????????????????

  174. Karthik says:

    how can download orkut themes and install themes. pls help me..

  175. sharma says:

    these are preety cool
    can u please guide me to create my own orkut themes please please its request

  176. chetn says:

    these are preety cool
    can u please guide me to create my own orkut themes please please its request

  177. syr says:

    this aint working man!!

  178. Javed Ali Zaidi says:

    Thanks buddy its very nice

  179. lucky says:

    give m guide line

  180. saurabh says:

    how to download orkut them

  181. Joy says:

    This is really cool man! Can u create a theme with Liverpool FC ?? Plz send dat to me..

  182. jayachandar says:

    hi.. very nice themes…… i need more themes of yuvi,raina,dravid n sachin

  183. gopi krishna says:

    kool themes but how to remove this themes i cant find monkey face so plz tellme a solution its urgent

  184. raj says:

    plssssss tell how to apply this theme…….

  185. 34234 says:

    wats the use of themes which others cant see????????????

  186. Sujoy says:

    How do apply this theme in my current theme.Please let me know.

  187. Joe says:

    Hi… Your Orkut theme is nice… I am thinking of making it little more User Centric. I want to apply specific theme w.r.t user ID. Is there any easy way to apply different themes for different login credentials? It would be great if I can do this. Please let me know.

  188. praveen says:

    pls how to download orkut theme

    help me to download

  189. Varun says:

    is there any way to develop or is there any themes out of orkut that everyone can view???

  190. jose says:


  191. Sam Ranjan says:

    Brother Thanks For This..
    But Can I Also Have The Procedure that How To Create The Themes..

  192. deep says:

    how can i add themes to my profile

  193. Rishi sangal says:

    this is not working dude

  194. Sammy says:

    can every one view my new changed orkut themes (with or without mozilla??)

  195. ashwin says:

    plz tel me how to apply themes on to d my page

  196. ravi says:

    please please tell me how to download these themes

  197. arun says:

    but this cant be seen by other visitors it is only visible to us

  198. pramesh says:

    lol…why cant all these shitty noobs hust read the ******* info on top?

    btw gr8 work

  199. aman says:

    why r u not including in orkut themes…plz add all themes in orkut ,i m waiting,”sorry”,all peoples are waiting a new themes,plz add themes……

  200. Karla Spinelli says:

    Do you think you could show me how to create my own??? I would love to have my kids on my page.

  201. hi this is swastik singh

  202. hi how to downlod orkut thems

  203. ayush says:

    how 2 apply these themes i cant wait

  204. nikku says:

    Hi Can U Help me 2 download this theme 2 my orkut account…………

  205. kamna says:

    hi plz. tell me how to show install themes on my orkut profile. i’m not able to set it on mmy main page. i can’t understand it

  206. sumit chatley says:

    hello frend
    actually i wann knw ..can i add my own pic in theme instead of christ ronaldo or sachin or other..?
    n where i hv to write dis script..
    rply fast….plz

  207. shailesh says:

    dude this thing rerally works…i have downloaded spiderman theme…will others also be able to….see my theme?…

  208. ajay says:

    hi friend pl zmy themes change

  209. vennela says:

    hello sir,
    i need new themes which displayed there i was downloaded after that when i opening that showing error..
    why if want to create new themes how to create…
    thanking u

  210. neetu says:

    i hav mozilla and greasy monkey installed but still …….why cant i …..install ……….these …….themes …..help me…

  211. Rahul says:

    how to download orkut them

  212. what is the point of these themes if only the user can see it ????

  213. rajesh says:

    how to download orkut themes

  214. raj says:

    how to download orkut themes

  215. arun says:

    i want to get orkut themes

  216. santosh says:

    it really works my prkut account is now ……………….perfect as like me

  217. manish says:

    I have installded fifre and greasemonkey

    on right clicking the face of monkey and then slecting the ‘new user scripts’ to add the script. a javascript error arises on installing the theme as ‘unknown documents’

  218. Jagtar says:

    if this theme is visible to other orkut members…..

  219. Prinz Mayur says:

    this is superb… But it can be seen by ourself!!!!!!

  220. Arjun says:

    dude fahad send some more themes yaar …….:)

  221. How to apply spider man theme in my orkut account and also tell me how to see this theme every one in orkut.

  222. hussain says:

    i want spiderman theam…. how 2 apply this theam

  223. sanjay says:

    how to change orkut theme

  224. Fahad says:

    A lot of comments added to this article so I am now closing comments here.