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Have you ever wondered how to convert a video to gif in a matter of seconds? No, you dont have to download any software at all. I have been able to find two free online video to gif converters which do the job just fine. You can convert avi to gif, wmv to gif, asf to gif, 3gp to gif, flv to gif, mpg to gif, and more! You can use this service to make avatars for forums in a matter of seconds.

The first site is called gifninja. You can use it to convert your video to gif or your avi to gif. It has a limitation though that it will only convert the first 4 seconds of your video to gif only. If your video is greater then 4 seconds, you should look at this tutorial to help you crop your video down to 4 seconds.  You do not need to register to convert a video. Although if you are hesitant of having your image being shown on gifninja homepage, then be sure to select the “No, don’t allow my picture to be rated” radio button. A lot of file formats are supported by gifninja and the output quality is of good quality.

Below is a video that I converted to gif using gifninja. I downloaded the video from youtube so its of low quality.

The second online video to gif converter is called Blibs. Just like gifninja, you dont need to register to use this tool. It supports the major video file formats but not as many as gifninja. It is a good alternate if for whatever reason you cannot use gifninja. Have fun and enjoy!



  1. gunsta says:


    or u can use same program Video Avatar -

    -Imports various video files
    - Crops video for creating GIF
    - Width, height, FPS settings for GIF
    -Plays GIF in a normal and reverse modes
    -Customizable dimensions for GIF
    - Time line with ZOOM feature
    -Supports English, Spanish and Russian languages
    -Easy to use interface

  2. bill says:

    gunsta is spam! You have to pay for it. Hell I will torrent and seed video avatar.

    Just because you spammed.

  3. John says:

    Agreed with Bill. I’m getting it off a warez site and I’m probably going to post it on several other warez sites just because you spammed, you worthless little shit.

    Your fault.

  4. Harry says:

    Awesome,thanks for this.

  5. redhead says:

    when you convert video using gifninja, the resolution is bad, size is too small. i’m not satisfied and i agree with Bill

  6. David says: also great video to gif conversion. It takes videos up to 20 mb. Lets you crop, resize, speed up and slow down. It also lets you change the frame rate to keep the gif size down.

  7. David says:

    Blibs works good, I tried it and the result was awesome. Thanks for this post!

  8. Pop says:

    How do u use gifninja?
    I tried it but i dont know how to use it,i selected a file,then it loaded,then the loading bar disappear and then nothing happens.

  9. Mikoo says:

    I suggest Free Video to GIF Converter from

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