Play Games for PS2 on PC using PCSX2 Emulator

December 28th, 2008 by Daniel Craig Leave a reply »

You must have played NES or SEGA games on your pc at one time another. I remember when i used to spend many hours on my pc playing Nintendo 64 games or Gameboy Advance games. And now it is possible to play games for PS2 on pc using emulator called PCSX2. There is a limitation though as Playstation 2 has much better graphics compared to gameboy advance or NES, so your computer needs to be powerful to play games at proper speed with good graphics. Here is a rough indication of the recommended specifications:

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Core 2 Duo Processor 2 Ghz or better
  • 1GB RAM (2GB for vista)
  • 512MB Graphics Card (8600GT or better)

You can download the emulator from here. The emulator doesn’t support 4 cores so the results wont differentiate too much between 2 cores and 4 cores. The emulator is able to play many games properly but there are still many games which are not fully playable. You should check the Compatibility list for your desired game to see if it can be played properly to the end. Probably the most hardest thing to do is to configure your PCSX2 Emulator but luckily for us, there is a very nice guide that can help you with each step.

Also, while configuring your emulator, you will need bios for ps2. You can only get them legally from your own ps2 although you can find them on torrents as well. Search for them. I cannot provide them. You may also want to read the information on the PCSX2 forums to fully maximize your playing experience. I have tried a couple of games on my computer and they worked quite well although you really need to have a gamepad connected to your pc to enjoy playing the games.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment here and I will try to help you, or you can try the PCSX2 forums where many people with greater knowledge of the emulator will assist you readily!

Now, I will leave you with some screenshots of ps2 games being played on pc(click for full size image).



  1. syed natiq says:

    This is very good what you all hve done in the past 4 years.

  2. Darko says:

    kako se mogu igrati igrice za soni 2 preko pcsx2 emulatora

  3. Deni pamOR says:

    Gmna dnk..
    Q g ngerti mke’a..
    Ram q cma 512..
    N vga 256..
    Trus klo maen ps1 bs kn.?
    Tp gmn cra’a.?

  4. develop says:

    Dobrý de?, mám problém zo spustením hry Grant Turismo 4. Ke? na?ítam DVD chce sa nastavova? memory card a neviem ako s toho von aby sa spustila hra. ?akujem za odpove?.

  5. blacka says:

    meron na akong ps2 emu kaso la ako games hirap ako mag hanap ngaun un ang problema ko saan ba ako maka2kuha ng games?? xe cd rom lang gamit ko.. la bang website na laro ng ps2 emulat??matu2lungan mo ba ako???

  6. kishen kumar says:

    I want to play ben 10 alien force game now

  7. Luis Otávio says:

    como usar jogos de ps2 no computador com o emulador pscx v 0.9.4 ?

  8. Chris says:

    why is the game speed so slow… can anybody tell me what is the problem pls…

  9. Herman says:

    ada gk harvest moon a wonderfull life buat emu PSCX2?

  10. TM says:


  11. Daniel Davis says:

    i always download games from bittorent and emule. -”"

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