Extract and Open .daa Files without using PowerISO

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Daa file to ISO without using PowerISO

The .daa file extension (Direct Access Archives) is the format created by PowerISO much similar to large ISO files. It is commonly used because it compresses original data, can be password-protected and is able to be split into smaller parts. The .daa files are most commonly used online to distribute large files on the internet through P2P downloads or through the bittorrent network. Even though PowerISO is free to use as trial, it has limits regarding how big file size you can open with it. It is only able to extract and open .daa files which are up to 300mb in size. Most of the downloaded .daa files you will encounter will likely be larger then this limit leaving you with no option to open .daa files. That is where a free program called daa2iso will help you.

Daa2ISO will convert your .daa file to ISO format which can easily be opened with several popular compression utility software or you can easily burn your newly created ISO file using free burning software such as Burn4Free or ImgBurn.

4 Steps to Convert .daa file to ISO and burn it to CD:

  1. Download and open daa2iso.exe and select your daa file
  2. Convert it to ISO and save it on your HDD.
  3. Open Burn4Free or ImgBurn and select your ISO file
  4. Burn it to CD or DVD as required.

Alternatively, you could use disk image emulator software which will mount your converted ISO image to a virtual drive, allowing you to see all contents within the ISO image. Some common disk image emulation software are Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, and MagicDisc. ISO files are also easily opened and extracted using Winrar, 7-Zip, ALZip or Universal Extractor.

There is also DAA Converter available for Mac OS X which will convert .daa files to ISO format. It is based on daa2iso software for windows. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther or later.

I hope this article helps you in achieving your goal to open .daa files. If you have any comments or questions, leave a comment and I will promptly reply.



  1. aamer says:

    you are the man. softwae like Power ISO OR MAgic ISO did not do anything. but this did every thing i need.

    thanks man
    thank you very much

  2. Jonny Quick says:

    It should be noted that PowerISO is widely regarded by people that know these things as a big stinking TURD of a software, so if you were thinking about downloading a cracked version of PowerISO hoping to make life easier, don’t waste your time. It’s bloated, ugly, non-intuitive, limited in it’s usefulness and offensive in that it won’t go away quietly or cleanly when ordered to do so.

    .daa files are completely useless, and have no reason to exist. I believe the authors of PowerISO delibarately upload pirated software P2P as .daa files in an effort to persuade people to purchase their bloated, expensive and useless software. I can’t imagine why anyone else would go to the trouble of converting something to .daa.

    • Cyborg says:

      I totally agree upon why would someone share a daa file on a p2p torrent site.The file they share could have been easily made a ISO file more widely known and used by as far as i know all “emulation software”.P2P is there to help those who cannot afford to pay for something,Now the creator of the daa file almost forces you to use the original program which costs money,and also forces you to download a bulky program. In some countries bandwidth is Gold since its so costly.So go ISO or zip and make it easy for all people around the world.As for this program,those responsible for its creation, are genius,its small its fast and it works and its free.Thanks to you and Technodorm for this file what more can one ask for!!!

    • Frank says:

      You’re absolutely right

  3. Shakir Ali says:

    DAA2ISO is an excellent tool. Thanks for providing such useful information.

    Best regards to all.

  4. Joanne says:

    Thanks for this. I downloaded a HUGE .daa file of books the other day and was pulling hair trying to figure out how to get it extracted. Doesn’t help that I just switched platforms from PC to Mac either, but your article here has been a great help to me. I downloaded the DAAConverter and it’s working like a charm. Thanks much!

  5. Fahad says:

    You are most welcomed! :)

  6. Alex says:

    Dude your the man. This helped so much. and the PowerISO is a b.s program that doesnt do shit and makes life more complicated then it has to be.

  7. quaddog says:

    Daa2ISO is awesome! Simple to use, worked like a charm. Thanks for the hot tip

  8. Catta says:

    Really useful converter. Fast and effective. Tks.

  9. rayz says:

    awesome man… tired of trying other softwares…. only this worked as exactly i want

  10. slava says:

    Thank you!

  11. Mixxie says:

    Did the trick.

  12. Paulette says:

    I can’t thank you enough! It took forever to download this file and then it was in DAA format. Grrr! You really saved me in short order. :) :)

  13. Hacksaw Jim Duggan says:

    Worked a treat and much easier to understand than other websites.
    Cheers- HOOOOOOOOO!

  14. kelmendi says:

    thenks very mach,ic working perfectly ;)

  15. Rowell says:

    Works like a charm!! Thank you for the sortware… I’m really fed up with .daa files… thank you again and God Bless :)

  16. SAHIL007 says:


  17. Gowri says:

    done..! great work man.! :)

  18. Baney Rubble says:

    I think all these reviews are F~A~K~E. No one uses .daa files, unless they download them P2P. I think PowerISO pirates software, converts them to .daa and then Seeds them in order to get people to install their software.

    Why do I think this ? Because if you change the .daa file extension to .iso, MagicISO (the most common and best freeware out there for these image files) will use them just fine. .daa is a scam, and PowerISO is crapware.

    You install it on your computer. It installs a virtual driver which then causes problems with a LOT of software, particularly your anti-virus software. The system files get corrupted, and then you can’t uninstall it because it is so poorly written.

    Now watch. See how many (fake) “positive” reviews get posted after this.

    Anyways, it doesn’t matter. Rename your .daa file .iso and MagicISO will do whatever you need it to do. MagicISO doesn’t even “install”, it just runs when you need it. No registry entries (except file associations), so there is nothing to get screwed up, or screw up your computer. Unlike PowerISO which is both scam- and crap-ware.

  19. roman ul ferdosh says:

    please inform me details how to open DAA file.

  20. amitalex says:


  21. Jeff says:

    I tried what Barney Rubble suggested and it didnt work with winrar or Nero.

    This guys software recrunched a .daa file and then both winrar and Nero could read the resulting .iso.

    So this review is not fake

    Barney (fake name) Rubble apparently is.

  22. Nick says:

    what a great program! thank you very very much

  23. anonymous says:

    I just came across a downloaded .daa file, and this site was the first to show up on google…. Here’s what I did with it…
    -use 7z to extract the content
    * if you then want it be an .iso file, you can either use any burning software that is able to create an image file, or use other appropriate software [and I am talking about open source software] – google should come in handy if you don’t know what I am talking about…

  24. Omkar says:

    Thanks a lot… It works..

  25. vimalkumar says:

    Thanks Dude

  26. Amazing says:

    WoW! daa2iso works like a charm, just downloaded daa file, don’t know what to do with it, search online and found this software, took a few second to convert daa to iso, used magicdisc to run it, pooof and it works. Thanks so much, the world needs more people like you, Great job!!!

  27. Rob Thompson says:

    Got to say this is a find, works a treat took less than a minute to convert a 512Mb daa file to an ISO of 579MB in size, which then worked fine with my imaging software.

  28. levy says:

    Thanks a lot it helps me a lot to open my DAA files.

  29. riphossein says:

    Thank u so much
    that was great

  30. antriksha says:

    i have a lynda html training file in .daa format.
    i have windows 7 in my computer. Unlike to my friends who had windows xp, i was unable to see in to the matter given in training program. we used power iso. It started working on their pc but not on mine. Plz help!

  31. Jung says:

    Thank you so much for the software.

    There’s no serial, no installation, nothing.

    Just open the file and it starts converting. Works exactly like how softwares should.


  32. Kev says:

    Beautiful little program, as it should be.

  33. Red says:

    The program is great. It just works.

    Shame my 32 bit extracted file does not run on a 64 bit system! :(

  34. sunny says:

    realy good

  35. yuppieraj says:

    thanks buddy it really worked

  36. BFran says:

    Thank you!

  37. S.Anand says:

    How to convert .daa file it there is any any free download please help me

  38. Sanjeev says:

    thank you :)

  39. Aljo says:

    Thanks for this. Worked like a charm. It is a blue moon event for me to deal with .daa files so when I find something that is free and simple it is a keeper and on my share with everyone list, for those times when a .daa file stands in the way of your fun, productivity or curiosity. .daa is such a stupid unused file type that to buy bloatware aka PowerISO to open it is like needing a sawing needle in the eye, no one in their right mind will want it nor need it. Thankyou for being UBR 1337 and sharing daa2iso with us. A true peoples champion!

  40. Pinaki says:

    can i run poweriso.exe file without burn it to cd?

  41. Hanan says:


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