Get your Windows 7 Key to Activate your Windows 7 Beta

January 10th, 2009 by Daniel Craig Leave a reply »

Windows 7 is creating a lot of buzz around the blogging scene right now. Virtually every tech blog is covering the latest news regarding Windows 7 and technodorm is no different. We will be covering and posting the latest news right here as it surfaces. This time around, we are posting in relation to Windows 7 Key. As you may know, direct download links for windows 7 have been surfacing on the net all day long but they also need a windows 7 key to work genuinely.  This is where this post will help you.

How to get your Windows 7 Key:

1. Go to Microsoft Technet website and sign in using your Microsoft Live Hotmail account.

2. Copy and Paste the following link into your address bar where you have your microsoft technet website open.

3. Your Windows 7 Key will be shown. Save it to a safe location and use it activate your Windows 7 installation.

This method works as I have used it myself. If you have any questions regarding this method, feel free leave me a comment below.

Update: I have just found out that the keys you get using this method are not unique. You will only get 5 unique keys for 32-bit version of Windows 7 and 5 unique for 64-bit version. Following are the keys that you will get using this method. They will work fine so just use them!

Windows 7 Keys for 32-Bit version:


Windows 7 Keys for 64-bit version:




  1. says:

    Valeu pela dica ;)
    até consegui baixar a ISO mas faltava-me a key para ativação…
    … vamos aos testes agora !

  2. Magiland says:

    Zdravim, díky za ?ísla. Omlouvám se, ale v systému tápu … už jsem to nainstaloval /než jsem objevil tuto stránku/ – mohu je tam NYNÍ n?kam dopsat ?? a tím prodloužit život W7 z 30 dní na verzi do toho zá?í ?? Prost? to nejsem schopen v systému najít …


  3. rynster says:

    thx 4 da link bro…..

  4. RS says:

    Hvala,sve je proslo za 5!
    Everythings is fine,thanks!

  5. rahul says:

    thnx for providing the info 2 access key ……..
    it was easy bec of u……

  6. Edouard says:

    I need it for english version – 32 bit key

  7. Prasanth says:

    thanx nd tht ws quick ;) …….

  8. magnai says:

    It’s helpful. Thanks a lot. Good luck.

  9. hassan says:

    just sharing here

    i have the Windows 7, it is astonishing, and very beautiful, but the thing is that,, you can use the above mentioned keys in the installation process, but these keys are not good for activating windows 7 or validating it for that matters.

    Good Luck!!

  10. Noss says:

    Thanks they worked great superbb thankyou very easy

  11. Noss says:

    Hassan my friend I think youre doing ssmething wrong Just find the activate windows from start up and paste the Key according to wt u hv either the 32 or 64 bit version

  12. krishna says:

    thanq u very very much…………………………

  13. Bassel says:

    Thank you.
    you are very good

  14. Aron says:

    will the upgiven keys expire in april? or 1 june, 2010?

  15. Bishop says:

    Awesome thank you :)

  16. rahulkatoch says:

    these keys r 4 d beta version or d full version of windows7………

  17. jorge says:

    They are for Beta.

  18. prem says:

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  19. dayanithi says:

    thanks buddy love you alot

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  21. rashid akbar says:

    kindly let me know the steps so that i can acitvate my windows.

  22. Haja2Samee says:

    Very Very Thanks,,,,Most Important….

  23. MaNpReEt says:

    ThAnKs BrO

  24. MOHIT JINDAL says:


  25. Parvej says:

    How can i convert my windows 7 beta to full version..?

  26. Rochak GAutam says:

    Thanks VEey muck, wish u good luck.

  27. Rochak GAutam says:

    Parvej you cant convert the beta into full version. You must buy a copy of windows 7 official release. It will release on October 22,2009

  28. stern says:

    windows seven is the best os of windows I cracked mine and is working fine soft

  29. vatsa says:

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  30. vatsa says:

    hey friends, if u have some other cracks to run game on win7 plz mail me

  31. himanshu says:

    please send me a valid key of window 7

  32. mo says:

    windows7 wont activate: Error Code 0x8004FE34

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    thanx in advance
    from india

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    Thanks alot….It works

  42. Ravi says:

    hello….All windows-7 key does not work.

  43. raghu says:

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  44. William Woods says:

    I see Windows 7 Ultimate Keys being sold on eBay. What is the likelyhood that the key will work?

  45. Rajdeep says:

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  46. kevin keshav says:

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    the product key worked. thank you.

  52. marcus says:

    wanda are you running the Beta Or RC

    or the Final RTM?

  53. shubham jain says:

    this key is not valid . plese solution it?

  54. shraddha sanodiya says:

    I have window xp in my system,before 3 month i installed window 7 without it key.i think window 7 overrides window this time window xp is corrupted,only window7 is running,but after 2 hours my system already,what will i do to resolve this,please help me,and sent ur suggesions on my e-mail id.

  55. naveen says:

    if it expire?

  56. Warfare says:

    Key’s Has worked! Thanks Man.

  57. abhimanyu says:

    thanks that key worked.but tell me one thing that windows 7 take old driver or we have to install it from internet.?

  58. chandan ahirwar says:

    how to get window server 2008 enterprise original key following the like above method if anyone getting the method please tell me………

  59. Ben says:

    Hi all

    Does this above mention keys work for certain version of Windows 7 or it should work in any version? Cause I have tried to use all of the keys:.. unsuccessful..

    Currently my machine is running Windows 7 Enterprise Build 7600

    Would appreciate some help
    Please email

  60. kapil shukla says:

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  72. Akhil says:

    these keys give your activation only till feb, they are the ones released by microsoft when they released RC versions…

    • Jay says:

      Ar you sure? Do you have fully working keys? Please send to

      • saman says:

        it works dear,. if u need, let me know it again
        try this Windows 7 Keys for 32-Bit version:

        Windows 7 Keys for 64-bit version:


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  94. tharun says:

    i had already installed windows7 but it asking the product key to upgrade ..
    the keys for 32bit which were in this site are not working to my p.c can any one solve my problem

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  98. matt says:

    hey can anyone tell me where i ca get a working windows 7 download? everytime i click a link it tells me that the site has been removed or something. help me out pls.

  99. saman says:

    Thanks Dude. It was working for me. I have activated it online.

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    If you like Windows 7 so much, buy it and get a legal copy/key to use. Don’t be stupid.

    All these keys are likely to be tracked for Pirating. If you can’t afford to buy your own – then don’t use it. The Windows 7 RC is still in effect until like July 2010, find a friend with it on a DVD and use it.

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  154. Daniel says:

    Do these keys have a limit of time to be used?? cos on my pc it says: “you have 10 days to activate windows”…. Looking for an explanation please….

    • keinetse says:

      Danny boy it simply mean that you are using a trial version or you did not enter keys for for better activation, activate online.

  155. mama boobboo says:

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