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Imeem is a popular online site which hosts music mp3 and videos just like youtube and megavideo. Launched in October 2004, Imeem has seen colossal growth and according to imeem executives, the site averages 25 million visitors per month and 65000 new visitors every day. Imeem has one of the most vast collections of music in their database making it a haven for music lovers. There is also a great amount of video content available as well. You can listen to all songs that are on their website for free but you are not able to download any music mp3 or video files whatsoever. I will be giving you a heads up on a couple of ways that will enable you to download imeem music mp3 and video files for free.

First Method to Download Imeem Music MP3

Note: This first method only works for downloading imeem music. You cannot download video files using this method. This method only works with Mozilla Firefox.

1. Go to

2. Input the URL of the song you want to download. For example:

3. Check the agreement box and hit the “Get Files” button.

4. Wait for the website to fetch the download link. You will see one media file listed on the page. I have attached an image so you can see how it is listed.

5. As instructed, right click on the url and choose the “Save Link As…” option. Wait a while for the download to begin. It may begin within a few seconds or it may take up to a couple of minutes.

Second Method to Download Imeem Video and Music Files

This is an unreliable method to download imeem video and music files. You will be required to use Internet Explorer and you will be locating the video file among your temporary internet files. You can use this method to download both imeem music and video files although I would highly recommend you to use the first method to download Imeem Music.

1. Go to the imeem video page and let it load to 100%.

2. Navigate to C:Documents and Settings*USERNAME*Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files. This may be different then your temporary file folder so just open the folder by opening Internet Explorer and going to “Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings -> View Files”.

3. You will now locate the temporary file for your video. Sort the folder into descending order by size. Your desired file will have a huge filename and will most likely be in “.gif” extension. It will have one of the largest size and the “Internet Address” column will have a link containing the phrase “imeem”. Locate your file and copy it somewhere else. Rename the extension to “.flv”.
Here is a a screenshot of one such file(click for full-size view).

5. You will need a FLV player to play the file. VLC Media Player is also able to play FLV files. To convert the file into another format like AVI, you will need a converter. SUPER is a free converter which you can use.

Third Method to Download Imeem Music or Video

This method involves Internet Download Manager(IDM). It is a world class software and can be helpful to do many tasks easily. Newer versions of IDM enable you to download any streaming content and a button is shown above the video or audio player. IDM has a 30 day fully functioning trial version so you can use it for free for 30 days. You can use this method on either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

1. Go to the IDM download page and start downloading IDM.

2. Install IDM to your computer and be sure to have it integrated into your browsers.

3. Open up any video or music at Imeem.

4. Let the Video or Audio load to 100%. This is very important!

5. Once it is loaded 100%, you can click the “Download this Video” button for IDM, specify your desired location to save the file, and your video will be saved there instantly. If you see more then one file when you click “Download this video”, just try each one in turn and bear in mind that only one of those files will work, the other will give an error.

You can use SUPER(free program) to convert any audio FLV file to MP3. You can also convert it to any other format you want, such as iPod compatible, mp4, .3gp, etc. You can also convert your downloaded video file to several different video formats such as avi, wav, etc.

So that’s a solid list of three ways for you to download imeem music and video files. If you have any trouble, just leave a comment below and I will help you out!



  1. rids says:

    really helped.. good post..

  2. jerkzzz says:

    free download music and video in imeem

  3. giango says:

    your very interesting alternatives, especially the last one I tested with Internet Download Manager (IDM) version 5.15 build 6; good steps but still nothing at all but I want to download this video if I get any imeem video from “the required file does not exist ‘,’ HTTP/1.1 404 not found details “or suddenly doing something wrong but this is leaving me wanting much q could give me some solution to download the video you want is on page:
    I feel sorry for the translation

    • Fahad says:

      Hi giango.
      I am not sure why but IDM is not working with this method. Weird :/

      You could try the second method or check this link for a software called freevideozilla which may work. I have not used it so I cannot comment on it.

  4. HUHUHU says:

    the 1st method I can not find the save link

  5. Patapon Fever says:

    The method I use requires firefox as your browser.

    1.)Load the song completely in their flash player.
    2.)Open a new tab and enter in the address bar about:cache
    3.)Click on List Cache Entries under Memory cache device.
    4.)Search for the address of the flv file and click on it. It is usually towards the top.
    5.)Under File click “Work Offline”
    6.)Click the link on this page.
    7.)You should get a page that says:
    The image “http://.flv” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. That page isn’t an image. That page is your flv.
    8.)Go to File and click on “Save Page As…” to save the flv file.
    9.)Under File click “Work Offline” to work online again.
    10.)Convert the flv to mp3 with one of those online converter sites.

  6. Fahad says:

    @Patapon Fever
    Thanks for sharing your method with us. I haven’t given it a try but am sure it works although it does look a bit complicated. :P

    Does it work for other sites as well? Like youtube, megavideo, etc.

  7. Razmina says:

    i am using windows vista….(i looked through the temporary internet files, (Tools—>Internet Options—->General tab….>Browsing history—->Settings—->View files) but i cant seem to find any .flv videos even though the imeem page is fully loaded. Also tried Patapon Fever’s method but with no luck…cant find no /flv file!

    okay i am computer illiterate compared to you people…so this may seem stupid but here is my question: are these methods not working for me b/c im using Vista?….i really want to download this vid:


  8. Patapon Fever says:

    I don’t know if it works with megavideo and youtube. It might but you would probably have to go under the List Cache Entries for Disk cache device which is below Memory cache device on about:cache. This is since videos are most times larger so they would probably be keeping their flvs on your hdd instead of in your physical memory, ie ram. Though when you get to the page with the flv it might not show you the image error.

  9. Patapon Fever says:

    It completely skipped my mind how to do youtube.

    I don’t think you have to even load the video completely to do this.

    1.)Go to the youtube video’s page
    2.)Go to about:cache on firefox
    3.)Go to List Cache Entries under Disk cache device
    4.)Look for an address that starts with
    5.)Click on it
    6.)Click on the link on this page after “key: ”
    7.)The typical download confirmation will pop up asking you if you want to save this flv. That file is the flv no matter what name it goes by.

  10. Patapon Fever says:

    Razmina the problem with the method is the entry for the flv isn’t permanent. It disappears shortly. I tried the method on your video but the entry under Memory cache device for the flv disappeared before the video had fully loaded. I guess the method I listed will only work for songs on imeem.

  11. Death says:

    i really want to download this song and i been surfing the net for a good 3 days can any1 help me?
    please give me good feed back

  12. hennry says:

    gracias, me funcio el priemer metodo con firefox

  13. MIKE says:

    i tried the first method with firefox but after it downloads i click on it to play it and it says that windows media player does not play flv files…can someone help. thanks for your time. Peace.

    • Fahad says:

      You need a FLV player to play the downloaded files. Download either “Media Player Classic” or “VLC Media Player”. Google is your friend.

      Or you could convert the downloaded FLV file to MP3 format using a converter such as “Super”. Google it.

  14. KP Nuts says:

    Used to download music from Imeem through File2Hd. Tried recently this file but its not working. Could anyone help please. Any help will very much be appreciated..Thanks

  15. When using the first method listed to download mp3 music from imeem, I don’t get a “Save to Link…” button when right-clicking. The only options I get are: Open in New Tab, Open, etc. nothing related to Save. PLease help. Thanks!

  16. Chris C says:

    If you are runnfing firefix and don’t mind paying $28 and some change you can get download helper and it will convert them too. But the charge is for the converter. You can get a free converter called freez. But I am having some trouble with it on my vista saving where I want it. If all else fails got to your download window and right click select open containing folder and match files and rename for the song. Good luck.

    • Anand says:

      hi, i tried the first method. everything is fine till the part “save link as..”. Once i click ok, the file saves as vp6 file and the saved file is empty. can u help?????

  17. miko says:

    i tried the methods but i keep getting a “failed to load” message when trying to use the converter like freez flv to mp3 or super converter, this is frustrating..

  18. Raomm says: works fine you just need to enter the imeem URL

  19. killa says:

    very useful

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