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Here is another great little utility program which allows you to check all the different Windows 7 startup programs. What this means is that you can get a list of all the different processes and programs which are loaded upon Windows 7 Startup. This can be a very useful utility which can help you to identify unneeded programs that are loaded with Windows 7. You will have to remove those Windows 7 startup programs yourself though. You could also uninstall any programs that you do not use anymore but which are still loaded upon startup. You could also identify which program causes an error upon loading by identifying all of your Windows 7 startup programs. There are many uses for this application and I have only pointed out a couple of possible scenarios where this program may be used.

How to Check Windows 7 Startup Programs

Startup Discoverer allows you to easily view all of your windows startup programs.

  1. Download the Startup Discoverer program by clicking here.
  2. Extract and run the application by opening the exe file.
  3. The following image shows you the interface of this program.
  4. Check Windows 7 Startup Programs

  5. You can list all the different startup programs as categorized by the different buttons. You may want to click on the “Show All Runs” button at the bottom left to view all of your Windows 7 startup programs at once.

So thats it. Now you can pinpoint any programs which may be lagging your Windows at startup. You can remove these programs from Windows 7 startup by checking the specific program settings or checking your Windows 7 startup folder on your hard drive.

So download Startup Discoverer now to check Windows 7 startup programs. This application works with all versions of Windows including XP and Vista. The homepage of this useful application can be found at Leelu Soft.


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  1. Watford Computer Repair says:

    A handy little tool but does this not show you pretty much the same information as msconfig?

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