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Free Megaupload Premium Direct Download LinksMegaupload is one of the leading file hosting sites on the internet today. If you have had to download from megaupload before you would surely know that there are limitations set in place for free users while premium users get all the juicy benefits! Now you can experience megaupload premium features yourself using a neat little trick I found at Renjus Blog. By applying this trick you can download megaupload files with direct download links for free! This means you wont have to enter any captchas before downloading. You can download without having to wait for the countdown timer to hit zero. You will even get full download speeds and be able to download several megaupload files simultaneously. Keep reading to find out how!

Previously, I have told you how to download megavideo videos and judging from the response of the comments, it seemed like many of you were able to download videos from megavideo successfully. Now you will be able to download files from megaupload as a premium user as well!

How to get Direct Download Links just like a Megaupload Premium user?

All you gotta do is add “mgr_dl.php” (without quotes) before the question mark in a typical megaupload download link with the format “”. If you do not understand then read the following steps carefully and you will surely understand.

  1. To download a file hosted at megaupload, you would have a link like this: (as you can see in the image below, click for full sized image)
  2. Free Megaupload Direct Download Links

  3. Now, all you gotta do is add “mgr_dl.php” before the “?” in the megaupload download link. (See the following image for how your link will look like, click for full sized image)
  4. Megaupload Premium for free

  5. So the megaupload link in the first step will become “”
  6. Enjoy downloading from this direct download link, just like a megaupload premium user!

Now, to really add functionality to this trick, you would be applying this to a batch of several megaupload links. A quick way of doing this is to copy only the megaupload download links and past them into notepad. Use the “Replace” function under “Edit->Replace…” and give the “Find what:” as “?d=” and the replace with box with “mgr_dl.php?d=”. Then click the “Replace all” button to change several megaupload links to direct download links at once. You can then use these links in your favorite download manager to download all links like a premium megaupload user! Enjoy!



  1. efghi says:

    it does not work.

  2. gadget pure says:

    does it realy work? does it also enable resume support? thx

  3. bruce wellington says:

    It used to work, it no longer does

  4. nick says:

    it works. i just tried it a few mins ago with 2 links. maybe it doesnt work with all links though

  5. Alex says:


    here is a good rapidshare, megaupload, and hotfile premium link generator is anyone needs:


  6. try, it’s a free mugaupload premium link generator, it lets you download for free from megaupload bypassing the free user limits

  7. Kulini says:
    Works well for over 1GB files. no need to wait for 42 seconds again :)

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