Top 10 Smartphones You Should Consider To Buy This Year

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maxx55-jpgMost of us love to own Smartphones because they come with unique sets of features. Listed below are ten Smartphones that are bound to decide the trends within the industry in 2013.

Huawei Ascend Mate

We will start this discussion by considering a Smartphone released by Huawei. The Huawei Ascend Mate expected to arrive in 2013 features a 6.1 display. The quad-core processor integrated into the mobile phone features a clock speed of 1.5GHz. The 4050 mAh battery included with the phone will power the device for extended periods. Weighing just 198gms, the Huawei Ascend Mate features an IPS + LCD touch screen. The Dolby Mobile Enhancement integrated into the phone will enable you to listen to video and audio files with much better clarity levels. The phone runs on Android OS, v4.1. The primary camera included with the phone will allow you to record HD videos at 30 fps.

ZTE Grand S

The second phone that has got our attention is the ZTE Grand S. According to industry sources, ZTE has tagged this flagship product as the current leader of the products yet to be released in 2013. The 5.0-inch screen along with access to high-speed data access networks such as LTE makes it a joy to use the device especially for online applications. This phone features Android OS v4.1 and a quad-core processor that is clocked to run at 1.7 GHz. A slight hiccup that many people will not like is the presence of a non-removable battery with the phone. You will have to get in touch with the official sources in order to get a battery replacement; this is usually a turn off for many people.

Xperia Z

Sony has brushed up its Xperia series with the expected release of the Xperia Z. The phone is resistant to dust and water. Studies conducted on the waterproof nature of the phone indicated that the device could withstand the water for 30 minutes when kept at a depth of one meter. The phone comes with ample connectivity option in the form of HSDPA, LTE and HSUPA. Although the device will come with Android OS v4.1.2, a planned upgrade to Android OS v4.2 is on the cards according to official sources. This phone too will feature a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor that can handle most Smartphone-related tasks with ease.

Huawei Ascend W1

Windows 8 mobile operating system already has its share of followers in the desktop space. The Huawei Ascend W1 is the first phone to be released by the company to feature the same operating system. The device will feature a 4.0-inch display screen along with a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU.

Alcatel One Touch Ultra

Alcatel One Touch Ultra is yet a flagship product released by the company and it will come with a 4.65-inch display screen. The scratch-resistant glass included with this Smartphone can reproduce 16M colors with all its glory! There is no provision to insert a separate memory card on the phone. The phone will use Android OS, v4.1 and will feature a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. A lithium ion based 1820 mAh battery is also provided with the phone.

Lenovo K900

The Lenovo K900 is another Smartphone that is slated for a 2013 release. The device will feature an IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, which can reproduce 16M colors. The screen size is 5.5 inches; protection to the screen is offered thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 2. The Smartphone will run on Android OS, v4.2 out of the box. Not much information is available about the capacity of the battery included with the K900. The Smartphone will come with an Intel Z2580 chipset. The default CPU offered along with the phone is a 1.8 GHz dual-core system. The GPU included with the phone is PowerVR SGX544.

Huawei Ascend D2

Once again, Huawei appears to be doing well with the introduction of yet another exciting product in 2013. The Huawei Ascend D2 will be resistant to dust and water. The IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen to be featured on the Smartphone has a size of 5.0 inches. The default operating system of the phone will be Android OS, v4.1. As with many other similar offers from the same company, the Ascend D2 will come with a Huawei K3V2 chipset. The CPU included is clocked at 1.5GHz. The lithium ion battery of the Smartphone has a capacity of 3000 mAh. The official sources indicate that the standby time of the phone is around 144 hours.

Samsung ATIV Odyssey I930

The Samsung ATIV Odyssey I930 featured for a 2013 release will come with provisions to use both CDMA and GSM technologies within the same device. This Smartphone will be helpful for those who spend a lot of time roaming across continents for business purposes. At just 125gms, the device includes a 4.0-inch screen. Unlike the peers that we have already reviewed, this phone will feature Windows 8 operating system for mobile phones. The dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU and the accelerometer sensors featured on the phone will make it blissful to spend time using the phone. Strangely enough, the device does not feature a radio; the manufacturers ask the owners to rely on internet radio systems.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Let us focus on some Smartphones that are already released but are waiting to make their mark in the year 2013. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus tops the list and is one of the best Smartphones around. Despite being released much earlier than the phones that we reviewed previously, the Nexus has managed to carve a niche of its own within the Smartphone segment.


The Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX is yet another Smartphone to feature both CDMA and GSM technologies intended for that smart business traveler who traverses across continents. The device features Super AMOLED advanced capacitive touchscreen with a screen size of 4.3 inches. Although the original device was available with android 2.3.6 operating system, it is upgradable to the latest iteration of the same operating system.

Smartphones have a definite purpose and come with various kinds of advanced features included in them. Please do your share of homework before investing on these devices. As always, do keep us updated with your findings and experiences.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Product Review And Specification

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main-380-75The World Of Samsung

The name Samsung in the world of electronic media needs no introduction. If it can give a tough and stiff competition to Apple then probably the brand has earned its value already. The world of Samsung is one that is filled with electronic gadgets and devices of all types to make your life easier and much more comfortable. Bringing forth a wide range of products and gadgets to serve you and make your life simple, Samsung featured and ventured into the world of electronic tablets and introduced Samsung Galaxy Tablets. Immensely popular and an instant success these tablets have created a wild fire demand in the market fetching a mega market share. With new versions introduced along with technology, Samsung today introduces Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the following features

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 – Basics

Samsung Galaxy is not just a Tab. It is more than your average tablet and has the power to bring the world to you. Equipped with the latest android technology, it carries over an entire suite of Google service to serve a wide range of customers with gmail, google calendar, YouTube, Google Maps etc. It also works and connects remotely and offers better security from external threats. Perfect for professional and official purposes it helps you organize your meetings and paperwork, help you view and sort through your email efficiently.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 – Other allied functions

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tabs come with unique features that let you work with better accessories like desktop docks and other such add ons. It also provides you excellent imaging with rear facing in built cameras that let you enjoy conferencing and video calls smoothly. Crazily enough, amazing multimedia functions on the tablets you enjoy your favorite music, video and other similar entertainment with better quality and output thus enriching the entire experience.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 – Communicating With The World

Communication being the driving force behind every success story today is one reason why your Galaxy Tab 10.1 focuses on an interactive social media interface that lets you stay in touch with anyone and everyone at the same time. Special readers hub lets you access millions of books at the same time and share your stuff with your circles and friends to enjoy the reading experience. Excellent web browsing and powerful speed are the highlights of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab and it also has a multitasking feature that makes it even more potent and desirable. Beautiful home screens add to the beauty of it all, making it a tempting one surely can’t resist. Better designs and models are sleek and comfortable to hold making it your perfect companion.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 – The Final Take!

This amazing product is surely an add on to your wish list if you are one of those cool gadget freaks. However even if you are not, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 will be a purchase you will never regret. With the best of all worlds, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is the need of today and tomorrow. 

Mr. Number – Your Very Own Efficient Call Blocker

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img-mrn-icons-01Why Block Calls?

Well, to answer this, there are a lot of reasons why you might have to block a few calls coming to your phone. It can be an irate girlfriend or boyfriend hassling you, an unwanted stalker bugging you. Sometimes you might travel international and yet calls from home keep making a dent on your telephone bills or simply because you don’t want people to contact you. Pick whatever reason you want; there is a perfect solution to it. Mr. Number, the most efficient call blocking application can now be downloaded on your mobile phones preventing unwanted people from reaching you anytime, anywhere.

So What Does Mr. Number Do?

Mr. Number is a very popular application downloaded to their mobile phones by a million users who wish to safeguard their privacy and thwart away unwanted calls. It blocks incoming calls that irritate you depending on your instructions. It also performs functions that you want it to do. For example, you can instruct the application what message you want to send to the caller. You can either send a message that says the phone is switched off or you can make the called believe your number is not reachable. Manually program your application to reject the numbers you don’t want to take and take a deep breath of peace.

Other Features On Mr. Number

Mr. Number very efficiently keeps a log, a track of the numbers that make their way on your incoming list. When you get a call, it displays the last time you attended a call from that number and the last conversation text you had on this number. This helps you identify if an unsaved number is completely alien and you can reject it or you are simply blocking a call. Also, you can keep a track log of how many times did you get those unwanted calls as they are displayed as alerts of missed calls on your cell phone.

Performance Of Cell Phones With Mr. Number

If you are worried that your cell phones will have a drop down in their performance, you are worried for nothing. Downloading this application on your cell phone has no effect on the speed and multitasking functions that your phone can perform. Not even on the battery!! You can be carefree and relaxed while using this application. Getting started is easy as all it asks for is registration of your number and you are good to go. Don’t worry, your number is safe as they don’t sell it to irritating data collection companies.

How To Download Mr. Number?

Downloading Mr. Number application on your mobile phone is easy. All you have to do it visit the Google Store, search for the app and download it. As the downloading is finished, you will be directed to prompts that as you to register your number. Follow the simple steps to ensure that you block the right number with the right instructions. And don’t worry, you always have the option to unblock those numbers and even delete the app if you need to! Visit Play Google, Mr. Number official website. 

Long Distance Love Buzzing Online – Fun Activities For Partners Staying Far Away

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jessica-kennyIf you are one of those people, hopelessly in love but living far away from your partner, then this article is a must read. It gets so difficult after a point of time to get the love buzzing that you start feeling helpless and the distance doesn’t help either. What you need to do is to spice up your love life again by introducing some fun in it. Interested? Well, here are a few pointers that can actually make your long distance relationship even more exciting.

Love Online

Surprisingly yes, love does thrive online. After all, what are these latest inventions and discoveries meant for if not to connect two people and keep them close. Check out the following online activities online and see if they rejuvenate your relationship, mind you both have to be tech savvy to enjoy them or else they can backfire.

  1. Create a website for both of you. You can always add pictures, small incidences, fights, love letters on it. Get creative and you will see how that brings a smile on your partner’s face. These days you get websites created for free. Try them.
  1. Live on Skype – Skype is practically a country where people live, at least virtually. Have all the fun you can and that includes, dining together, reading together, watching movies together and even sleeping together!!! On cam chats of course!
  1. There are websites that lets you mark your initials on a tree in a virtual forest, and what’s more? No one cuts it down and it stays forever.
  1. Write each other funny letter. Rediscover the funny part of your relationship and laugh together.
  1. The internet is buzzing with so many quizzes and puzzles that you can play with your partner online. Just another way to get to know each other better.
  1. Heaven’s yes, you can even get married online. Funnily, if your marriage doesn’t turn out to be great, you can get divorced too. And yes, witnesses required.
  1. Sending e cards is an old but sure method to make your partner happy and make him/ her feel cherished.
  1. Watch movies together; share your screens and the audio so that both can enjoy a good movie and a good time. It is a far cry from a real movie experience together, but what the hell, I think this is not bad either.
  1. Take a free class together. Now this is interesting because it helps you spend more time together. Plus you get to learn new stuff. Free online classes range from a variety of topics and you need to select the one that is generally liked by you and your partner.
  1. Make sure you use plenty of Facebook to emphasize on your ever growing love for each other. It seems like quite a turn on these days.

Kindle Fire HD – Firing Up Your Life

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kindle-fire-hd-89The History Of Kindle

Book lovers across the day celebrated Christmas when the Kindle was born. This amazing e-book reader has revolutionized the book world with more and more people turning towards accessing e-books conveniently on their very own personal Kindle. Sharing e-books, magazines, blogs, digital media, journals, anything and everything now was possible to shop, browse and share. This electronic paper display can simulate reading on paper on a substituting device also focusing on minimizing the consumption. proudly owns the product and enables all Kindle users to share their love for books all over the world.

The Latest Range Of Kindle Products

Kindle products and models have evolved over a period of time. Flowing across the international boundaries with international version of the Kindle that supports more versions, also with Kindle Graphite version readers have carried over their love and passion for reading. The third generation witnessed Kindle with a Keyboard and a wifi or 3G and the fourth generation saw the arrival of Kindle Touch wifi and 3G. With each generation and innovation, Kindle more closely attached itself to the world and today we see Kindle stepping up after 5 generations with Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, its latest in the ebook reader series.

Kindle Fire Hd

The Kindle Fire HD is the latest in the second generation series of Kindle Fire, to arrive with a huge showdown in 2012. Close to the line of touch screen tablet computers, Kindle Fire HD or high definition is a quality product that was heavily pre booked and pre ordered. Today, the product is available in 7 inch and 9 inch models selected by customers on personal preferences although there are no other recognizable differences. The 8.9 inch model was released recently and for now is available only in the United States of America.

Product Features And Recommendations

Living up to its expectation and reputation, Kindle Fire HD has been lighting up lives and can be used to browse, shop and share movies, blogs, songs, magazines, audio books along with the regular ebooks used on any Kindle. Amazingly, in order to keep up with technology and social media it also provides an integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoomail also allowing to share calendars, events and other such similar stuff. To add the cherry on top, it also has a front facing camera that can be used to make video calls and supports Skype, Facebook, Hangout and other video calling apps. Customize it for the kids by using its prominent feature Kindle Freetime to control child view and other mature content being displayed.


Kindle series has been created in mind keeping separate needs and pockets. While you can get a first generation Kindle for approximately $80, the new Kindle Fire HD range for a 8.9 inch model will cost approximately $499 to you. Frankly, it is a price worth paying for the features you get, and if you are a tech savvy person then this is a deal you surely wouldn’t want to miss. 

Tutorial On Using Google Hangout

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img_hangoutWelcome To Google Hangout

A lot many people enjoy video cam chats considering that the world is now nothing but a shrinking global village where it is now so easy to stay in touch even with those that stay far away from you. Skype gave us the first taste of video calls and created a community of video chat lovers. With the introduction of Google Hangout, it just took off to the next level. Google Hangout today is used by many followers who enjoy uninterrupted video chat sessions with friends and family and reap the maximum benefits of being tech savvy.

What Is Google Hangout?

If you are still unsure what Google Hangout is, then here is your answer. Google Hangout is your very own video chat service by Google that enables you to enjoy free video chat sessions with people all over the world. It comes with a voice calling and video sharing options so that you don’t miss your family and friends no matter where you are. However, that is not all. Google Hangout comes with other exciting features that not only enhance the video calling function but make it so much more fun! Want to know more? Keep reading…

Sharing Video Call Up To 9 People

After group text chats, Google Hangout now brings to you a group video chat that allows you to chat with 9 different users at the same time. Catch up with your old college gang, have some fun with the entire family together at the same time. After all they say, the more the merrier. Google Hangout is so much fun with this newly embedded feature. Start inviting people to your video chat right away and make this time together even more memorable.

Sharing YouTube Videos

Want to catch up a movie trailer together? Or screening a movie on YouTube but have no plans to watch it alone. Well, here is your solution. Share you tube videos together with your friends and enjoy videos like you would in real time. Not Bad huh? Strategically a good move for both Hangout and YouTube, plus you can always go back and re watch the video since it gets saved on your Google Plus home page. Open your Google plus home page and browse your history to get back in time and start the group chat or you tube video sharing again from where you left. The limit is endless.

Having Fun With Google Hangout

Not only can you have fun enjoying live video chat sessions but you can also poke fun at each other by enjoying the special effects available on Google Hangout. Explore them to your free will and have a great time hanging out at Google Hangout. To know more about how to use Google Hangout check out the official Google Plus website, Tech Crunch website and Mashable where you can learn a lot more. Use it for personal and professional purposes to have corporate video conferencing across the world. Technology is pacing up, why shouldn’t you?

Google Play Store – A World Of Your Own

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google-playWhat Is Google Play Store?

With the world going crazy for android phones and application, Google Play Store did not turn out to be a surprise for the world. Formerly known as the android market, Google Play Store is a digital application distribution that gives a platform to android and allows the users to browse, shop and download for music, magazines, books, movies, television programs and other applications published by Google. It was branded as Google Play Store in 2012 and thereby began a new journey of Google to take over the market for android.

What Is Happening?

In Google Play Store you can download, shop, browse for stuff that is random and is user oriented. You can buy books, read them, listen to good music, download and play games on any application for instance your mobile android phone. You can access android applications that open up an entirely different world for you and you can either download or access these applications for free of cost or for a minimal charge. Applications can directly be downloaded to your mobile or to a Google TV for use by the customers.

Downloading Applications From Google Play Store

Using Google Play Store for browsing, downloading and installing the software or application is quite simple. All you need to do is to go Google Play Store, select a particular application that you can find in any number of categories. Once you have your application, ensure you read the price and check if it is affordable to you or else get it billed to your name. After that is done, you can download the app directly to your phone and install it to find an icon on your mobile screen as a start up icon for that app. Once you are done through this, you are good to go.

Types Of Apps Found On Google Play Store

The Google Play Store has a number of applications ranging from a broad and wide range of categories that include books, self help, medicines, sex, yoga, comics magazines etc. Every category includes a few numbers of free and paid applications and you can select from them based on the general information. Also there are generally reviews added to the product to give you a fair idea of what the product is all about. Arcade games, puzzles, brain storming activities etc. are a list of other activities that are available to be enjoyed on Google Play Store.

Managing And Removing Google Apps From Google Play Store

Though you can download and install apps from the internet and Google Play Store, it is completely possible for you to manage and edit your downloaded application. You can even delete them if they are of no use to you. Simple, easy to manage, it brings the world at your doorstep with a single click. The Google Play Store has truly been a great source of fun and knowledge to get our daily activities done in time properly. Explore your world of Google Play Store and let the fun begin. 

The Beauty And Uses Of Facebook Timeline

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fbThe Crazy Addictive World Of Facebook

If you tell me you have never heard of Facebook, I am either going to believe you are lying, or from a different planet altogether. Facebook is no more a social networking media. It has completely transformed into a country where people live, eat and sleep. Quite literally! If you do not have a Facebook account, you are a little short of an outcast or considered to be thorough introvert. A Facebook account these days not only talks about your character, it also speaks a lot about your life from past to present. For example – The Facebook Timeline!

Is It Useful?

Definitely! Gone are the days when people used Facebook for personal interactions with friends and family only. These days having a Facebook account is important because it not only helps you stay in touch with close friends and family, it also is used in a professional manner. Many employers these days use your Facebook account to know more about your personality before they make a decision to hire you. It is like Facebook today is more of an informal resume that talks about your other qualities that are relevant in determining the kind of person you are, but not shown mirrored easily in your professional world.

What Is Facebook Timeline?

Facebook timeline is a new added feature in the long list of hot spots of Facebook. It lets your friends and outsiders see the important events and highlights of your life. Right from the day you were born, to the day you left high school, graduated, started working, got married, had a kid everything is out there for people to see and know you better. Imagine how much fun it would be for your high school friends to know how you have done in your life. You would enjoy it too.

Liked By The Users

Facebook timeline was instantly accepted and loved by millions of users on Facebook. After getting over the initial complication on how to customize your Facebook, which was a minor technical hiccup, something that happens with every new application of gadget that we try, the timeline has gained its deserving popularity and today a good large number of them are using it without any complains. Needless to say it was a successful stunt by Facebook.

Special Features On The Timeline

Not only can you edit and frame your life events on Facebook for people to know you better, it also serves as a walk down the memory lane. With a special cover photo feature, you can share a picture that talks about you other than your profile picture. Loved by all, the new timeline offers you a great space to share your personal stuff, professional image and a lot more. Take the basic tutorial offered by on their settings page and learn how to navigate between the timeline.

Converting Your Docs The Easy Way – Things You Need To Know

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10455475-convert-pdf-to-xml-convert-file-to-xml-just-at-2hrWhy Do We Need To Convert Docs?

Though computers have made our lives easier, they have also made it essential for us to be tech savvy. If you do not know how to attach a document and email it to other party, there is absolutely no point in knowing how an emailing system operates. Sometimes there are documents which are acceptable in specific standards and formats, without which it becomes difficult to upload them. For example, if you are specifically asked to upload a document in PDF, you need to know how to convert your Doc or Docx files into a PDF and upload it. It is no big deal actually since there is software available to get the job done however you still need to be familiar with the basic formats in order to execute the right command.

Converting Docs To And From Various Formats

You can convert your files and docs into PDF, JPG, DOCX etc. depending on your need. For example, students when they apply online for college these days are required to send unofficial copies of their transcripts and mark sheets. The process is to get them scanned using a scanner, convert them into PDF files and then upload them in their rightful place.


Well, though the process looks easy, you might face some issues with converting your documents. For starters, if you do not have the right source to convert, you can’t even get started. There are two ways to convert your docs. One – You can always download a free software that enables the conversion you want. Two – You can convert it online using various free websites that work equally fine. Of course, downloading the software works for people that work offline whereas if you want to minimize the hassle and have a fast speed internet, go for the second option.

Size Issues

Sometimes, when you convert your documents into formats, it increases the file size. This can give you trouble in uploading the file to its rightful place as sometimes you get a file size limit that you can’t exceed. You need to know how to solve this problem in order to effectively convert your docs and then reduce the file size if required. Again, the process to do both is simple. All you need is the right website or resources, select a file, convert to your required format or compress and you are good to go. You can even select the file size that you want. However keep in mind, the more you compress or reduce the file size, the more you will compromise with quality.

The Right Resources

There are a few resources available online that can help you with the conversion. So is convertPDF and PDF MERGE. You can also try using JPEG optimizers that are readily available online to convert and reduce your file size especially scanned JPEG copies. The sites are pretty simple to navigate and there is no science involved. Follow simple steps and you can be off on your own! 

Blackberry Bold – Be Old, Be Brave

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blackberry-bold-9000-imageThe World Of Blackberry

The world these days revolves around information technology and the internet that has joined the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Electronic gadgets have turned people into gadget freaks and now you won’t find anyone who is not busy showing off his latest technical update. Naming a few we have the classic blackberry mobile phones that are laced with the latest and best blackberry apps to improve your experience and stay in touch with the people and enjoy tech privileges. These best blackberry apps keep life in the blackberry world and let the user enjoy many exciting features that were unthinkable for a mobile phone a few years back.

Blackberry Phone Models

Blackberry phones have been redefined and positioned and branded as the smart phone for office guys. Truly with a lot many features that they have come up with to ensure that the professional lie is never hampered and communication keeps flowing between people and workers from one department to the other department, Blackberry phone models have done a tremendous job. One of the latest Models Blackberry Bold has outshine and outperformed thus by now becoming a priority choice when it comes to selecting a Blackberry phone. The other model Blackberry Curve comes close but is not in the same league as Blackberry Bold.

Blackberry Bold 9000

The Blackberry Bold is a Smartphone produced and launched by the Blackberry family in the year 2009. The model is familiar and very well known for its famous QWERTY keypad features, finger friendly keypad, messaging capabilities and potential and the wild craze of Blackberry messenger and chat app. The Bold series is slightly posh than the Curve series and is made of finer materials like leather, soft touch, metal etc. It is a high end user mobile phone that gives immense help in data transfer thus cooperating with the professional objectives of employees and maintaining its brand image.

Full Phone Specifications

The basic model of Blackberry Bold has general phone specifications that include 2G and 3G. QWERTY keyboard, mini SIM, and trackball navigation. It also has a loudspeaker and 3.5 mm jack. It uses GPRS and operates solely on Blackberry OS. The standard time is 310 hours with the normal talk time is 5 hours. Although Blackberry Bold phones are a little expensive, they are worth all the trouble.

Buying Blackberry Bold

Blackberry Bold is although expensive however with the passage of time the demand has risen too much. This has made the availability of Blackberry Bold easy and most people today have an access to it. Its price is slightly higher than the price of Blackberry curves although both provide a professional commitment towards work in equal magnitude. If you are looking for a price estimate, then a Blackberry Bold probably going to cost you around 28,000 – 30,000. Of course this is subject to fluctuations however the final figure will revolve around this number only. Blackberry Bold is the first choice of a million users and customers and has proven its worth beyond doubt to people.